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Channel 4 News Live Debate on Afghanistan – St.Mary’s Guildhall, Coventry

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Well i like many other people in this country have  a strong opinion on the war in Afghanistan so when i received an email asking if i wanted to go on a live debate, i jumped at the chance.   The debate was to be held on a very momentous date – the eleventh day on the eleventh month – Armistice Day.  Coventry was heavily bombed in the Blitz so this was an ideal city to hold such a debate.

Now i for one was all for the war with Iraq at first especially after 9/11.  However going into Afghanistan was something that i feel that we should never done.  The Soviet’s fought there for almost ten years with a loss of over 14,000 men.  They eventually had to leave with nothing gained.  Lessons need to be learnt from this.  This war is running into billions of pounds and for what?  If we went there to fight then lets bomb the place from the air and get out.  Lets not hang around re-building hospitals and schools.  We need hospitals and schools here.  What can we possibly gain from trying to bring democracy to an Islamic country?  We should pull the troops out and use the money saved to secure our own borders and gather intelligence on terrorist attacks in Britain.  I know that this might seem a little ‘Gung-ho’ but that’s my opinion.

It was great meeting Jon Snow and watching how much work goes on behind the scenes to get a show like this out on the air.  It was a great opportunity to voice my opinion on a live television debate.



Written by Dean O'Brien

November 12, 2009 at 12:34 am

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