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Lens Art Exhibition – Glass Gallery, Coventry

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I decided to visit this exhibition as the Glass Gallery is only just up the road from Coventry University where I am studying.  Now although the area is only small, it is ideal for personal displays of work.    The work on show was by a husband and wife team who specialise in the opportunity to ‘rent photographic images for your office’.   I remember this being featured in the Coventry Telegraph when the idea was launched so it was a good opportunity to see the images which were being offered.  Prints are also available to buy.

To be honest i was not too impressed with the actual display as there did not seem to be any theme to the images.  It seemed to lack any form of organised flow.  They ranged from close-ups of flowers to night time views of the city.  The presentation was a bit  ‘hit and miss’ with some images being displayed loose, whilst others were in frames.  This did give the display a very un-professional feel.

During the lunch hour on some days they are holding concerts to attract people through the doors and to create an atmosphere.  This is something which i have not seen before but does show some creative marketing.  All in all, well worth visiting and its good to be supporting local photographers in the area.


Written by Dean O'Brien

November 16, 2009 at 7:11 pm

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