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When i was at college completing my BTEC ND in Photography I studied Photomontage.  I was always fascinated by these ‘paper and paste’ works of art.  I obviously studied the work of Richard Hamilton, John Heartfield and Hannah Hoch but this also lead me to Sean Hillen.   Sean is a photographer who creates scalpel and glue photomontages based on his own documentary photography in Northern Ireland.  The narrative behind these photomontages is obviously  linked to ‘the troubles’.  Some of this work was censored from exhibitions in London.

Sean does like to work in different kinds of media.  Apart from collage, he has been involved with producing sculptural works, graphic design, illustrations, music and video work.

As part of networking, i decided to contact Sean and after exchanging a few emails he has invited me to attend a book launch and show in Ireland in February.  I want to remain in touch with Sean and hopefully draw some inspiration from him  for my future projects.  I hope that you too are interested in these fantastic works of art.


Written by Dean O'Brien

November 17, 2009 at 12:34 am

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