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Peter Dench Talk at Coventry University……the best so far!

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Today I had the pleasure of listening to photographer Peter Dench talk about a wide range of his projects and images over the past few years.  He has managed to make these enjoyable, whether they be about drinking in the U.K or just simply ‘Love’.  I found this important as I have heard many photographers say that they are driven by passion.  They succeed in their projects because they are properly involved with what is happening.  If Peter was filming drinkers, he too was sitting there drinking.  If he was filming nudists, he too was running around starkers.  I’m not too sure how he got around the’dwarfs’ project though!  However, like he said, once you turn up somewhere with a camera you can start to integrate with the group that you are with.

I managed to ask Peter about ‘networking’ and how much it has changed since he was first starting out.  He explained that back then it was about turning up to places with a portfolio which you were carting around the streets with you.  A far cry from simply sending somebody a link to your website these days which is the method which he uses now.  As with some of the other photographers who I have listened to, they have inspired me.  Peter made me feel that all of this is within reach with hard work and really thinking about where I can get work.  The openings are out there with newspapers wanting stories for a Monday morning.  Its made me think about my work more.  What exactly are my projects about?  What are they saying?  My projects need to have more of a meaning and purpose.

Towards the end of the day Peter took the time to look at our work and give us some advice.  I found this really worthwhile and grateful that he was prepared to hang around after for a chat about our work.


Written by Dean O'Brien

November 19, 2009 at 8:15 pm

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