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Tom Hunter Talk at Coventry University

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Today I had the pleasure of listening to Tom Hunter do a talk at Coventry University.  He also managed to show us an excellent slideshow of his work throughout his career.

Tom has led a colourful life having been a squatter in Hackney for fifteen years.  Experiences like this had a big impact on the work which he was producing at that time.  His life experiences ranged

from being involved in the free party / rave scene to squatting.   Many of his pieces showed everyday people just trying to get on with living.  He deliberately avoided ‘predictable’ images of squatters or homeless people drinking or taking drugs.  Instead his images showed a more positive image of these people living as normal as possible in sometimes very harsh conditions.  His images may not have shown Hackney in a particularly good light but they were real.

I particularly liked his images which were heavily influenced by famous paintings.  He managed to add a very modern twist to some real classic paintings.  The interpretations were very well thought out and managed to show a big connection between photography and painting.

All in all, a very worthy talk which again like many of the others which i have attended has left me feeling that i have learnt something.


Written by Dean O'Brien

November 24, 2009 at 5:30 pm

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