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Edward Dimsdale talk at Coventry University

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Well this talk was slightly different to the previous ones which I had attended.  I can only describe it as very deep.  Edward’s work was fascinating to look at and he certainly has a very different way of looking at things.  Using paper negatives he has produced some fantastic images which really do make you stop and think.  I really loved the different tones in his ‘Pebble Steps’ image.  He produces work which is very different to anything which I had come across before.  His alternative methods of producing prints was amazing.  Live performance has also played a very big part in Edward’s images.  He also showed us some of his paintings which he did when he was three years old.  He has now started to make money from these by creating images from small sections in black and white.  Out of all of his work, I was drawn to his mages of the tree branches which were presented as a triptych.

The talk, as with all which I have attended has left me feeling motivated and looking at presenting my own work using different forms of media.


Written by Dean O'Brien

December 16, 2009 at 2:09 pm

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