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Its time to dig out the Polaroid again…

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Well since the snow has got me staying in at home for the second day I decided to dig out my old Polaroid cameras.  I, like many others still love the instant image appearing before your eyes like some kind of magic.  Also like many others I am tired of having to trawl through websites trying to find certain types of instant film.  Polaroid SX-70  and 600 film is no longer available and I only have a few packs remaining in the fridge which I purchased about a year ago.  The use by dates are getting on so I am going to get cracking and start using them.  The bad news is that once those packs are used, the cameras will be useless unless a new brand of film can be found to use in them.

One saving grace is that Polaroid did manufacture a lot of backs to fit onto medium format cameras and I do own a Polaplus back for my Hasselblad.  These were, and still are used by many studios for taking test shots before a shoot.  Luckily the Polaplus for my Hasselblad takes Fuji FP100c film which is still in very good supply.  I have attached a little project which I did below last year using the Hasselblad with the Polaplus back.  It produces lovely little 6×6 instant images.  I am probably going to do a similar kind of project but on a larger scale this time.

As the stocks of Polaroid film start to dry up around the globe I feel that there is no other option but to look for another brand of instant camera.  I have decided to buy a Fuji instax 210.  A modern day answer to the Polaroid and with good supplies of film available.  I am not sure how too sure how good it is but once I have put it through its paces I will do a review on here and post a few images.


Written by Dean O'Brien

January 6, 2010 at 8:51 pm

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