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People * Love * Photos – A Film about Young American Photographers – Dvd Review

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After being given the heads up by JW on this I thought it was worth having a proper look.  Following the link and viewing a trailer I knew that this dvd was definately worth purchasing.  Although this had to be ordered from Germany it arrived witihin a few days and there was no regional coding on the dvd so it will play on UK dvd players with no problem.

The dvd is basically in three parts:

Tanyth Berkeley: Survivors Tanyth explains how she is attracted to photographing people who have had extreme experiences in their life.  Her models included Grace, an albino Mexican living in New York and Linda Leven.  She meets most of her subjects on the streets and just approaches them expressing an interest in shooting them.  Through her photography I feel that her subjects gain a great deal of self confidence which may well have been lacking beforehand.

Rose & Olive: Sexuality These two photographers work very well together and have a very loose style of shooting.  Their images explore sexuality.  I believe that their images work well as they seem to have a very close connection with most of their subjects.  They explain how they are interested in people genuinely giving you want you want in the shoot and not faking it, whether this be sexual or violent.  They love the physical interaction with their subjects so that it calms them down into relaxing for the shoot.  Their images show a real connection with the subject.  The story about the shoot with Hector is absolutely hilarious and shows just how comfortable the girls are with shooting people.

Elinor Carucci: Intamacy After reading Elinor’s book ‘Closer’ as part of recommended reading for my University degree, I was looking forward to actually putting a voice to the writing and images.  She did not dissapoint.  Elinor has a very deep meaning within the images which she takes.  As a young girl her mother was a massive influence on her and this is obvious within many of her images.  Elinor did point out a very interesting fact about her images of children.  She noticed that people who do not have children have a very different opinion to those who do.  That is very true as my views and opinions changed when I had children.   I believe that it brings out a more caring, sensitive and emotional side to you.

James Hyman (Gallerist, London) speaks openly about Elinor’s work and gives an insight into what it means.  He discusses Elinor’s work and the personal intimacy that it contains.  James is currently holding an exhibition of her work.  It is on from now until the 20th February 2010 at the James Hyman Gallery in London.

So all in all a very well put together dvd  and an insight into how amateur photographers are making their way in the world.  A nice touch was the fact that they included a nice letter asking for a comment via email.

For anyone interested in getting hold of a copy then go to


Written by Dean O'Brien

January 10, 2010 at 4:56 pm

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