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Working with another photographer today…

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Today I spent most of the day working with Rick Medlock shooting bicycle components for Planet X On-One.  Rick has completed quite a few shoots for this company and they have a lot of trust in him leaving him with their top end carbon fibre frame and fork sets.  My role in all of this other than providing the studio was mainly assisting and altering the positioning of the lights.  It probably does not sound that riveting but what I gained from this was interaction.  Interaction with another photographer and watching how they work.  Books and tweets can only teach you so much.  Proper hands on photography is a refreshing break from studying.  Although most would agree that both do go hand in hand.  This shoot also taught me about delivering what the customer wants.  There were important parts on the frames that needed to be the main focal point of the image so this had to be considered when deciding on which angle to shoot from.

I went to the the studio the day before to ensure that the suitable backdrops were already hung and the lights were in position.  This meant that once Rick arrived it was just a case of  taking a light meter reading and moving the lights slightly.  We did the shoot in a lot less time than originally thought.  This was due to good organisation and discussing beforehand exactly in what order we were going to shoot the items.  Good planning saved wasted hours.

The learning outcomes for today were very beneficial. I learnt how another photographer does things. How he sees things. It was also the first time that I had been on a professional shoot where the customer was on set. He was stating what he wanted to see in the finished image. This has to be taken into account when composing the shot. The customer will always be right in this case. I have taken on board all what I saw and experienced today and will bear this in mind when doing similar shoots in the future.

Below are three images which Rick took earlier today.  These did need editing so that my finger holding the wheels or frames upright were not in the image.  We worked well together ‘like a well oiled machine’ and I look forward to working with Rick again soon.


Written by Dean O'Brien

March 27, 2010 at 1:03 am

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