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Assisting in the studio…instead of behind the camera

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Well today I was assisting another photographer in the studio.  As far as my assisting went it was a case of putting lights into position, making sure that the three backgrounds which were required were all in place and on the rolls ready to use.  Obviously as the model goes from chair to floor pose then the lights need to be tilted down and adjusted to suit.  Light meter readings were also taken to ensure that the exposure was correct. This might seem a bit boring and mundane to the average person but the technical side of photography still interests me. However I do still need to learn more about lighting techniques and I’m sure these will improve the more that I shoot.

As a photographer its normally me doing the shooting but I also love to assist other photographers. This enables me to look at their work practices and learn from them. As human beings we are all different and naturally have our own ideas about what we think works best. Before I do a shoot I like to talk to whoever I am shooting beforehand as this his helps me to establish exactly what they want from the shoot. It also helps to ensure that the client gets they type of images which they need.

We never stop learning in life and the opportunity to watch and work with photographers is something which I intend to pursue further. Its a different way of learning. A more practical way. On this shoot I learnt to stay in the background and keep my eyes peeled for anything that needed adjusting. It was also a great opportunity to observe. To soak up other peoples techniques for shooting.


Written by Dean O'Brien

April 2, 2010 at 2:19 pm

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