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Book Review: Ingerland by Rick Medlock

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As many people know I am on a bit of a ‘publish book’ mission at the moment. However, one thing that cannot be overlooked in this area is research. Attending the recent ‘Dummy to Genius’ seminar at Host Gallery was just one of the things which is feeding me the vital information which I crave. I’m determined to leave no stone unturned.  Photography books seem to be the way forward for photographers to gain a great deal of exposure. I’m planning to follow this path…

One person who I have been drawing information from has been fellow student Rick Medlock. Rick has produced a number of books now with varying degrees of success. Its important that I speak to people such as Rick to learn from any mistakes which he made.  This also swings both ways though. As Rick never managed to attend the seminar at host Gallery I was able to copy my notes which I took which were of use to him. Rick has recently produced a book ‘Ingerland’. This book is a photographic documentary about a public house during the England FIFA 2010 World Cup campaign. Capturing the highs and lows of the regulars and visitors as they support the England campaign to it’s untimely conclusion.  The book contains some great quality images along with text where needed.  The text contained within the pages often refers to scores and opponents etc, which is more than enough to explain the narrative of certain groups of images.  The images are rich in colour and give a great representation of the overall feeling of the event.

Now its no big secret that I’m no lover of football.  However even I could not avoid the St.Georges flags being stamped onto everything from slippers to crisps.  Yep, tacky mass marketing at its finest.  In this book Rick has managed to really capture the atmosphere in the pub.  Both the highs (were there any?) and lows (which were a plenty).  Now obviously due to what can only be described as an appalling performance the World Cup came to a very abrupt end for England.  This obviously brought closure to the book and project.  However, what Rick has produced is a brilliant visual record of this historic event.  What could have turned into a visual record of success has now turned into a record of disappointment.  Will this effect sales of the book?  I hope not.  Those England fans who appreciate the atmosphere that can only be gained in a pub will certainly feel and appreciate the images.  Marketing will also play a key part in getting the book out to a wider audience.  Let the mind maps commence..

The book is located here ( and can be seen in its full colour glory thanks to an on-screen pdf.  There is also on link on here where the book can be purchased direct from Blurb.


Written by Dean O'Brien

July 13, 2010 at 3:53 pm

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  1. Thanks Dean for the plug

    Since we are talking books and pubs we should meet up and talk the talk at your earliest convenience.


    rick medlock

    July 13, 2010 at 4:49 pm

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