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The Printspace: Professional Photographic and Art Printing

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One thing that photographers need to consider is how best to present the finished article.  Once that great shot or body of work is captured, great consideration is then required as how best to show that work.  The Printspace in Hoxton offer such a service, so when I was in London last week I called in to check them out.

Apple Macs are situated at desks upstairs ready for you to come in and load your images onto them from your usb stick or cd.  This is a free service.  Whilst downstairs there are individual private booths available to hire which contain everything which you need to edit your images.  Apple Macs equipped with Photoshop are combined with Wacom tablets.  I found the system very easy to use not to mention time saving.  Best of all, you don’t have to come in person.  The full ordering service along with video tutorials to help you are available on line.

The Printspace do cater for student visits from colleges and universities.  Students get the use of the booths for free and all leave with a free 16×12 print.  All they need to do is bring a file to work with on the day.

Although this was not a direct photographic placement, visiting a place such as The Printspace is vital to my photographic practice. When I leave university I will need to use companies such as this to produce and mount images. It is vital that I know the procedure and what format my images need to be before submitting for print. I now have a greater understanding of the different types of paper and printing types which are used by professionals to exhibit their work. I now know the difference between a c-type and a giclee print. How I handle my workflow is vital in the world of professional photography and what I learnt today has given me a distinct advantage.

After leaving the Printspace I decided to purchase a Wacom tablet to help with my editing of images. Rather than struggling with a mouse to cut or remove sections in Photoshop, it is so much easier using a pen and tablet. Yes, this was a step forward it taking my own work more seriously.

Thanks to Dave Lucken for taking the time to show me around giving me a bigger insight into how companies such as this operate.  For more information go to:


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October 17, 2010 at 4:42 pm

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