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250MC Placing Photographic Practice in Context. Fashion shoot (Part 1): The research and build up…

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This term as part of my 250MC module I will be doing a fashion shoot with 5 other students.  The task is basically to shoot clothing provided to us by a second year fashion student.  Although we are responsible for shooting our own images and theme, we will each play a role in making the shoot happen.

Research has been vital.  I managed to get hold of the clothing from the fashion student as early as possible so that I could start mind mapping my theme for the shoot.  This was just as well as the dress size is a 6 which to be honest is not a ‘normal’ size.  Due to this I have had to cancel one of the models who I had arranged to do the shoot  with as she just wont be able to get into the dress.  I feel awful just having to write that.

The outfit is a fantastic dress which has a mixture of navy blue and cream checks.  We have two models doing the shoot.  One of the models is Stacie (one of our students on this project) and the other is Melissa.  I have worked with Melissa in the past so she has agreed to model for us on this shoot.  Stacie and Sarah have both agreed to help out with hair and make-up.  Ollie has decided to opt out of doing a shoot and has decided to make a video and document the whole shoot.

As this goes out, everything is going to plan.  Our first model Stacie will be at the studio for 10.30am on Wednesday followed by Melissa who is arriving at 3.30pm.  Yes, everything is running like a well oiled machine at the moment.  I will be at the studio on Monday and Tuesday getting everything set up ready for the shoot on Wednesday.  I am still searching books and periodicals for ideas but its fair to say that everything is in place.

Dean (me): Shooting and acting as technical support in the studio

Stacie: Modelling, hair & make-up and shooting

Sarah: Hair & make-up and shooting

Claire: Shooting

Ollie: Shooting a video to document the whole shoot

Chloe: Shooting

At 3.30pm Melissa arrives to model for us

Having done quite a lot of fashion and portrait style shoots within a studio I feel comfortable.  What this will do is push my creative side which is something that I have been week on in the past.  I am also keen to learn from my fellow students and see what ideas they come up with.

As soon as I heard that I was doing this shoot I started a workbook and started to research photographers.  Yes there is a lot to be said for work books.  Lighting set-ups and mind maps do serve a purpose, not to mention drawing on inspiration from other photographers.  Plans a,b and c have been put in place should anything or anyone not turn up on the day.  Communication has been great between everyone so far, so what could possibly go wrong I hear you ask?  Watch this space for the next post on how the shoot went and the final images.


Written by Dean O'Brien

October 24, 2010 at 4:49 pm

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