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250MC: Liquid Light Workshop with Matt Johnston

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As part of my 250MC module for this term I was asked to produce an image using liquid light.  I had used this previously at college so was aware of the amazing results that this can create if used properly.  Matt Johnston was on hand to ensure that everyone had a full understanding of what the task involved.  As with many tasks such as this, preparation was everything.   The images were to be produced onto canvas paper from black & white negatives.  So once the paper had been coated in liquid light, it was just a case of waiting for it to dry ready for use.

The negative which I decided to use was of my daughter Paige.  I am trying to change how I compose my portrait images so decided on this image as she is not staring straight into the camera with a big smile.  Paige seems deep in thought about something.  Not something we normally associate with a five year old child.

So this task was interesting in the sense that it reminded me that there are so may ways in which to present my work.  It seems so easy to fall into the trap of shooting digital and editing later.  I know that my creative side needs to be pushed and this task was a stark reminder of what can be created by using the basic of  tools.  The finished image, although looking rough and grainy was a great result.  It seems to take on the character of an old photograph.


Written by Dean O'Brien

November 9, 2010 at 3:19 pm

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