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CW2 Research: ‘Best of British’ photography exhibition at The Little Black Gallery, London

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As part of my research for my CW2 essay I am exploring the ‘sexy or sexist’ issue.  Yes, its a no win situation and something which everyone has an opinion on.  Its a challenge and a subject which I want a greater understanding of.  Only by talking to the models and photographers involved in this field will I hopefully begin to read these images as they are meant to be read.

I have always been a great admirer of the work of Bob Carlos Clarke so was keen to attend when I received an invite to an exhibition at  The Little Black Gallery in London.  This exhibition displayed images by many of the British greats.  They included Miles Aldridge, Bob Carlos Clarke, Terence Donovan, Brian Duffy, Mike Figgis, Chris Levine, Patrick Lichfield, Gered Mankowitz, Terry O’Neill, Norman Parkinson and Alistair Taylor-Young.

Whilst at the exhibition I managed to talk to Bob’s wife Lindsey Carlos Clarke.  Lindsey modelled for Bob and had done Page 3 work in the past.   As well as speaking to photographers about this issue I also want to speak to models about their opinion on how they view the ‘sexy or sexist’ subject.  I also managed to have a chat with great photographer Mike Figgis about his work.

Going to the exhibition was a great opportunity to speak to some of the artists about their work.  I have a long way to go yet researching this subject, but this was a great place to start.  I returned to the gallery at 11am the following morning to interview Bob’s agent Ghislain Pascal about Bob’s work.  In hindsight, it might have been great to try and talk to Lindsey as well in a bit more depth about this subject.  Maybe next time eh?

The interview with Ghislain will appear in a separate blog post in the next few days.


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