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CW2 Research: Looking at other artists images and how we read them..

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I am working hard researching for my CW2 essay.  Part of this research is looking at other artists images and finding similarities with my own.  Below on the left is an image by David LaChapelle and on the right is an image by myself.  At a first glance the images may seem similar ie: the use of pigtails and the heavy use of pink within the image, but to me that is where the similarities end.  LaChapelle’s model seems defenceless and the body language is very submissive.  The wide open mouth give the impression that she is possibly about to perform a sex act.  It almost takes on the persona of a blow-up doll.

As I shot my model from lower down this gives her an overlooking power.  The hands on the waist and head slightly tilted give a sense of dominance and attitude.  The mouth being closed.  These slight changes give the power and control back to the model.  Although these changes are small, they do send a totally different message.

I have been reading Photography: The Key Concepts by David Bate.  In here he discusses the elements of a portrait and how crucial the expression on a face is.  The face, pose, clothing and location are all key elements that quickly identify how we read a portrait.  My research of looking into how we read a portrait continues..


Written by Dean O'Brien

November 12, 2010 at 7:35 pm

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