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CW1 Research: An inspirational image by Michal Chelbin

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Every now and again, I catch a glimpse of an image that really draws me in.  I am at present researching material for a portrait shoot which I will be doing as part of my CW1.  This image is one by Michal Chelbin.  After seeing this image I decided to look further into her work and purchase the book ‘Strangely Familiar’.  Yes, thats another book to join the others.

And what do I most love about the image below.  The composition, the facial expression on the girls face, the colour of the car, the sweeping lines of the car that seem to bring us in and lead us out of the image or the way that both her and her fathers faces are framed within the rear window opening.  The list goes on..

Images such as this seem to convince me all the more that I should be producing a more serious body of portrait work.  I’m one of those people who seem to get settled into doing things a certain way.  This has to change if I am ever going to develop my own style.  Although the weather is cold I really should be thinking about getting outdoors and doing a shoot.  I know that there is some great light to be had at this time of the year.


Written by Dean O'Brien

November 18, 2010 at 1:36 am

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