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CW1 Research: Miles Aldridge talks about the making of the 2010 Lavazza calendar

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Without doubt one of my most inspirational photographer’s is Miles Aldridge.  His images of his subjects capture a ‘doll like’ face and it seems to be a trademark within much of his image making.  Erwin Olaf also creates images with a similar aesthetic.  Eventually I want to create this look within my own work and obviously with my own style.

At present I am still researching how I am going to shoot my images for my CW1.  The shoot is this Tuesday.  I have plenty of ideas but am not firmly fixed on one idea yet.  I want the images to have a sexual appeal but not tacky.  I want the female to still retain control within the image.  Looking at Miles Aldridge’s work is giving me some ideas.

I came across the following video of Miles Aldridge talking about the making of the 2010 Lavazza calendar.  Enjoy..


Written by Dean O'Brien

November 20, 2010 at 10:53 pm

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