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CW2 Research: Interview with model Melissa James

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I have shot Melissa James a few times now in the studio and figured that she might be a good person to talk to about her opinion on sexism in the model industry.  I wanted to keep the interview short and managed to ask a few basic questions.  I’m quite getting to enjoy doing face-to-face interviews with subjects.  For these assignments I need a cross section of people to interview.  Only then can I hope to achieve a balanced view on the subject.  The work continues..

How do you want to be portrayed in your images and why?

I think everyone wants to look good because you know that you are being judged.

What was your motive and reason behind it?

I just enjoyed doing it and decided to carry it on

What first made you want to start modelling?

My friend asked me as a favour to help out doing some promotion work at the NEC Bike Show so I got into it from that really.

Regarding photographers who you have worked with.  Do they match the cliche?

Only one of the photographers who I have worked with has been a bit dodgy.  He was a bit too keen to get naked photos.  Very keen…and it was very scary.

Would you feel more comfortable being shot by a female photographer?

I think it would be harder in a way.  You kind of trust a mans opinion more as in what they think is attractive.  Whilst women they kind of sabotage each other.  Maybe thats just the people that I have met.  They have tried to make people look worse than them.  I think I trust men more.

Do you feel that the model industry is still male dominated on the photography side of things?

Definitely Yes.  I don’t think that I have ever worked with a female photographer or had one contact me.  Thats apart from the ones which you arranged (this refers to a group shoot we did a few weeks ago).  Yes its mainly male dominated.


Written by Dean O'Brien

November 23, 2010 at 12:54 am

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