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Simon Roberts talks about Motherland, We English & The Election Project at Coventry University

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Today I had the great pleasure of listening to Simon Roberts talk.  I first came across the work of Simon a few years ago when he produced his first book ‘Motherland’.  From then on I have kept a close eye on his projects which evolved from this.  I even managed to take part in his last one ‘The Election Project’ by submitting images for his public gallery which went on display earlier this year at Portcullis House in London.  I wrote a blog earlier in the year  about The Election Project which you can read about Here

Simon spoke about the various projects which he has done and the reasons behind them.  He spoke to us about what has inspired him to embark upon the projects and more importantly, what drives him.  After the talk Simon took the time to answer questions from both the students and staff wanting further information about his work.

At present I have been trying to get my own projects into some kind of order.  By having people such as Simon come and talk it has opened up my mind to the possibilities of what can be achieved.  My summer project for next year in the Ukraine needs to start sprouting legs so a quick dose of ‘Motherland’ was just what I needed.

I was going to add sound to this blog post as I recorded the whole talk.  However, this was also being recorded by my lecturers and will be available via Phonar shortly.  The sound will be slightly better as well I might add!

As the images which I took were being used for the university I just had to select the kind of shots which gave a feel for the talk. So that those who are reading about the talk can imagine what it was like being there. Without using professional lighting etc.. it is very hard to get technically perfect shots. However, for this assignment that was not essential. What was essential was keeping the shots simple and discreet. Many shots were taken whilst the talk was taking place so I did not want to draw too much attention to myself and away from the guest speaker.

You can check out more of Simon’s work here at

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Written by Dean O'Brien

November 24, 2010 at 5:18 pm

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