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CW1: Test Shoot…My learning curve

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For my CW2 assignment I intend to take a set of portraits which concentrate mainly on facial expressions and the messages that they give out.  Slight differences in the mouth, eyes and hands all add to how we interpret an image.  I decided to line up a shoot with Louisa, a model from Purestorm.  We agreed on a ‘time for cd’ basis for the shoot.  Louisa gives me her time and I provide the edited images afterwards on cd.  This way it does not cost either of us anything.

When we start the shoot I allow Louisa to wear what she likes as the images are for her use as well.  I explain that for my shoot I am more interested in the facial expressions and body movement etc..This was a mistake on my part.  In the image below I feel that maybe this was overkill.  The biting of the lip more or less spoon fed the message to the viewer.  This was not my intention.  I wanted more subtle expressions, and on closer inspection more subtle clothing as well.  If any make-up is worn it will need to be minimal.  With this shoot I did get the chance to experiment with lighting techniques though, which is an area that I needed to improve on.

For my final shoot I intend to shoot from a closer angle.  Mainly to concentrate on the upper half of the body.  I also want to use a brunette for the shoot.  The combination of blonde hair, tight black dress, make-up and lip biting antics was far too much of a distraction.  Although this shoot was an epic fail in that it produced the images which I did not want, it was a learning curve.  A learning curve which is now helping me towards producing the images which I require for this assignment.


Written by Dean O'Brien

November 29, 2010 at 3:03 am

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