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CW1: Image comparison and gaining the valued criticism of others..

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After having the opportunity to show my work at university for this module for the first time this week  I was given plenty of constructive feedback.  I managed to show my lecturer and fellow students the images which I had produced of Melissa and explained what the narrative was behind them.  Throughout the images Melissa makes slight changes to her eyes, mouth, hair and hands etc.. Although the changes may be minor they do give us different messages.  It was taught to me last year that we all see things in different ways.  I wanted to explore this further within this body of work.

I cannot rely on what I see though.  I need the opinion of others.  Do they see things how I see them?  Can they see obvious flaws in the images which I create?  Is my own vision too narrow?  Should I be opening up my vision at looking and things in ‘widescreen’?  Could I be more creative in my thinking when creating these pieces of work?

I know that these modules are not just about submitting a project for university.  They are about training our mind to think and produce in different ways.  I need to learn from this in order to move on to the next step.  The next module.

After looking at my final pieces I still I was advised to go out and seek the opinion of others.  I decided to approach my neighbour for an opinion on the two images below.  She is 34 year old Michelle Braithwaite who is a beauty therapist and this is what she had to say:

The image on the left: I see a confidence within her.  The eyes, yes those eyes.  Its a confidence that seems to show.  Its does seem discreetly sexual though.  Flicking back her hair exposing her neck.  However with her head tilted back looking down she still seems to remain in control.

The image on the right: This picture tells me something different altogether.  Her hands close together playing with her hair.  The hair is pulled across covering herself.  Defensive although maybe without realising it.  Looking away makes me feel that she is distant.  Thinking about something else maybe?  She looks almost angelic.


Written by Dean O'Brien

December 8, 2010 at 3:33 pm

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  1. I think in the first image she seems assertive and in the second on the right more shy and deep in thought.

    Chris Alford

    January 23, 2011 at 2:37 pm

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