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Elinor Carucci ‘womans hour’ interview from Radio 4 review

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I’m no stranger to the work of Elinor Carucci.  In fact I believe her to be the strongest influence on my documentary work at the present time.  I first got into her work by reading the book ‘Closer’  and I then went on to read ‘Diary of a Dancer’.  Both books showing an intimacy that at some points seems almost ‘too personal’.

The Radio 4 interview gives Elinor the chance to answer many of our unanswered questions.  As photographers we are constantly surrounded by still images so its great when we get the chance for an image maker to talk openly about their work such as Elinor has.  This is where mixed media seems to working at its best.  It does bring us in closer when we can hear the spoken voice of the person who made these images.

The near naked images with her father and intimate images with her children do seem to concern many who view them.  However, the more one looks at them the more one seems to understand them.  We are not seeing nudity here as such but personal intimate moments.  They are probably not moments that many of us would be comfortable photographing but are more than happy to view and attempt to understand.

Elinor does not seem phased by what other people think.  She can justify her images and why she took them.  This is something which I need to look more at within my own work.  I have been told by my lecturers many times that I can take images of whatever I like but I have to be able to explain them.  They have to be strong and supported by a narrative.  They have to have meaning.  I also intend to experiment more with the use of sound recordings to help bring my work to life.


Written by Dean O'Brien

January 13, 2011 at 5:35 pm

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  1. This blog was helpful. I am applying for Uni this year and I have a better idea of what they look for and will ask for in a personal statement and interview.

    Chris Alford

    January 24, 2011 at 4:57 pm

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