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Picturing the Body Task 2: The View From Inside

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This was the one task from this module which I was most looking forward to.  Photographing someone from ‘my tribe’.  Having the opportunity to create images from someone with whom I am close to of an intimate nature.  I needed to remember to pay attention to the negotiation of the relationship and it’s depiction through the image.  Not as easy as it first sounds.  My subject was going to be my partner Rebecca.  Although she is my partner, Rebecca is very shy and I needed to be patient.  To wait for the ideal moments which I wanted to capture.  It was a real case of  ‘I dont know what I want to shoot but I will know it when I see it’.

I was not going to have my hands tied with technical issues on this task.  I wanted to shoot using just natural light.  Capturing those intimate moments which only I have the opportunity to see.  The images had to have real emotion and feeling.  Far too often with tasks such as this the images are cliched.

I decided to shoot using two different mediums for this task.  I wanted to shoot black & white medium format film (6×6) and colour digital on a full frame dslr.  Tasks such as this are about experimentation.  Images such as these intimate ones are often shot in black and white which in all honesty is a bit cliched, but I did not want to rule this out all together.  Soft muted colours on the other hand can work well and create a certain mood so this is where the digital medium was going to be used.  Photographers such as Erwin Olaf achieve this very well.  Below is one of the black & white images which I took for this task.


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January 27, 2011 at 1:05 am

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