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Picturing the Body: My final piece….

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Well after whats seems like an eternity I have finally produced my final piece for ‘Picturing the Body’.  It was quite a visual journey.  I experimented using natural natural light indoor and outdoor.  This was combined with both digital and analogue mediums.  After many hours of deep thought In the end I decided to shoot using black and white film on a medium format camera.  Initially I was going to produce and outdoor portrait similar to what I shot HERE but when I looked more into the reasons behind doing it I was not pushing myself into new areas.  I also realised that ‘less was more’ when it came to producing an image in this way.  Rather than producing a full body shot (which gave the viewer everything in visual terms) I decided to concentrate on a certain area of the body.

The whole idea of these modules is that I learn and discover different ways of producing images.  For my final print I decided to produce one large single print on fibre based paper.  This was then going to be professionally mounted.  Darkroom skills may not be held in high regard by many but this was a personal challenge.  By developing, printing and drying the print by hand at home I was creating something very personal, special and unique.  It is also an area of photography which I want to explore further.

The image below is hand printed onto 16×12 fibre based paper and professionally mounted.


Written by Dean O'Brien

March 14, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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