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Review of Chris Floyd’s ‘Things May Change But This Will Stay The Same’

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Books and booklets seem to be the way forward for many photographers these days and this latest booklet which photographer Chris Floyd has produced is superb.  Not only in images but also with the foreword that starts the book off.

Chris states “I look at these pictures now, for the first time since I made them, at least two lifetimes ago, and don’t anymore see the girl that’s in them. It doesn’t matter what her name is because I’m looking at an ideal, of how I wanted love to be and remain, of how I saw a woman as I fell, at first, for her and then in love with her. This is love, for the first time, as shell shocked and stunned wonder”.

Many of the images remind me of Todd Hido’s book ‘Between The Two’. The narrative combined with the vast array of compelling images.  From the portraits to the landscapes and all the ones in between, Chris manages to take you on a personal, emotional journey.  And yes, its a journey worth taking….

You can browse and order a copy of this superb 46 page booklet direct from HERE

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Written by Dean O'Brien

March 14, 2011 at 2:30 pm

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