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Picturing the Body: Final Evaluation

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The various tasks which I completed in this module ranged from negotiation right through to looking at the clothed body.  It made me look at people in a whole different way.  Something that is vital if I am to continue to create images of people.  I need to delve deeper, to look at the person behind the image.  I feel that I managed to achieve this through a combination of different shoots.  I shot indoor, outdoor, clothed, semi-clothed and naked.  I had to try everything to see what worked.  There are certain ares that I want to expand on and intend to over the next eighteen months.

After completing a variety of tasks in this module I managed to create a one-off artistic piece.  Something that is unique and special.  Special, due to the time and thought which went into producing it.

On reflection I feel that this module has pushed me more than any other so far.  Simply because it covered such a wide area of options.  Much of my work was based around the naked body.  Not in a sexual nature, although this can be a very grey area when the images are viewed by some.  My problem could be that as an image maker I often look from  the inside out.  I probably don’t spend enough time looking from the ‘outside’ in.  This is something I need to think more about in future now that I am entering the professional world of photography.

Technically, I managed to produce a large fibre based image from a darkroom set up at home.  This for me was a massive achievement in itself.  It also means that in future I can spend more time developing my practice and photographic techniques without relying on the help of outside sources.  When I leave university I will not have access to a darkroom.  So it stood to reason that if I wanted to continue to shoot with film, then this is something that would need to be addressed.  I did just that.


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March 16, 2011 at 1:09 am

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  1. Hello Dean I’m glad you are thinking ahead after your degree. You are right to mention not having access to the darkroom at the university. Or any other equipment. This is why when I have paid my lenses off in a few months time I will have my spare bedroom repaired and converted into a photographic studio with lights and accessories.

    Weather I apply again at Coventry Uni depends on what happens at home between now and September.

    I hope to see you at your exhibition at the glass gallery in June. I’ve even set an alarm on my iCal a week before the exhibition to remind me with a link to your website.

    Chris Alford

    March 19, 2011 at 1:17 pm

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