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Day 2: Working at the Coventry Telegraph 5/4/11

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I arrived at the papers office to a slow start.  Most of the photographer’s were already out on jobs so it was a chance for me to get familiar with the computers here and how images are uploaded onto the system.


I get my first job and I’m out with photographer Lee Busby.  We are heading to Stoke primary School to photograph kids who have decorated Easter eggs.  Lee gives me a run down on doing these kind of shoots and what to be aware of.   Yesterday he had problems doing the shoot as it turns out that none off the kids had permission from their parents to be photographed.  An error on the schools behalf and not ours.  Today its all systems go and we get to work.  First of all he does a small group shot then a few individual shots.  Always taking into account the background etc…  I act as assistant holding the flash off at an angle using a flash cord.


We head to Clay Lane in Stoke not far from the school.  We are searching for a street sign with  ‘Clay Lane’ written on it.  we need a photograph of the sign.   The reason being that 48 hours earlier two pizza delivery drivers were attacked viscously with a baseball bat by three men.  The idea of getting a shot of the sign is that its a ‘scene setter’.  We obviously cannot produce any images of the attack to go with the article so this (as the title suggests) sets the scene of where the attack took place.

After this we head back to the paper and it gives Lee a chance to give me some tips on shooting.  He told me to always take a portrait and landscape shot as these articles and images have to fit in around advertisments.  I need to bear these things in mind in future when taking shots for the paper.

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Written by Dean O'Brien

April 6, 2011 at 5:31 pm

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