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Day 7: Working at the Coventry Telegraph 12/4/11

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Today I drove in and arrived early as usual.  I check the diary and its looking quiet for the morning so far.


I am given the task of heading into town to take some images of  the Lady Godiva statue.  The statue is due to be moved 90 degrees so these images are needed for an article relating to this.  As I get there the first thing I do is check which direction the sun is coming from.  Luckily is it just where I need it to be as due to council vans being parked near the statue I can only shoot from one side.  I take a variety of shots and was told to be as creative as I like.  I head back to the office and process the images.


My second job of the day sees me heading to Wood End in Coventry.  I am here to meet Mike Armstrong who is Chairman of the Friends of Moat House Park.  I talk to the reporter writing the feature beforehand to ask what kind of images they want.  The images required for this shoot need to relate to Mike and the environment in which he lives.  I have been told by the paper to be as creative as I like.  The last feature which the paper did on this saw 4 large images being used, so I intend to pull out all the stops and show that I am capable of producing images to a professional standard.

I am constantly aware of where the best light is coming from.  I use a mixture of flash and natural light.  Shoots such as this are as much about confidence as they are about technique.  People skills play a massive part and I keep the conversation going and show a genuine interest in Mike’s concerns for the area.  This also helps him to relax whilst I am shooting.

I spend the remainder of the afternoon in the office editing and processing the images.  This gives me an opportunity to get used to the ‘picdar’ system where the images are placed after I have finished with them.  I also spend a bit of time talking to Mark Radford about the newspaper and how picture taking has changed since the days of film.  They did used to have darkroom facilities here at the paper so I’m curious to see if any of the equipment still remains.  I suppose I just want to step back in time in some kind of way and imagine what it was like back in those days before the digital revolution…


Written by Dean O'Brien

April 12, 2011 at 10:06 pm

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