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Day 10: Working at the Coventry Telegraph 18/4/11

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Monday morning arrives sooner than expected and I’m keen to get cracking.  I check the diary and see that all the photographer’s have gone stright to do jobs from home so it gives me a chance to catch up on what has happened over the weekend news wise.

I eventually get to go out with Lee and we head off to St. Michaels Church on Walsgrave Road where around 30 girls are in wedding dresses doing a shoot relating to Oxfam.  Lee does his thing with organising the shoot and I float around taking my own shots.  I’m using the same subjects as Lee, but shooting from different angles.  This helps to give a different perspective and leaves various options open when the images are uploaded for print.

Technically I used two lenses for this shoot.  A 70-300mm which was used for most of the shots.  I then switched to a 17-40mm for group shots around the Church.  Flash was used in all of the shots and was essential for filling in the shadows on the subjects faces.

Today I manged to get my first double page spread in the paper.  Six full colour images across two pages from my Moat House Park shoot.  This is why I became a photographer.  To take pictures and see them in print.  To share them with others.

I’m looking at how best to display these images and preserve them.  When approaching a prospective employer I will no doubt want to show these off.  Due to size these are past the ‘A4 clear pocket’ stage.  I know that images in newspaper print start to yellow over time so I need to consider this and seek proper advice.  Proper presentation of my work is something which I am looking into further


Written by Dean O'Brien

April 18, 2011 at 5:30 pm

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