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2nd year at university finished…

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Well I have just finished my second year at Coventry University and its time to start planning how to spend the summer constructively. I need to plan my projects. This is something that will form the basis of my final major project when I return to start my third and final year in October.

Throughout the summer I intend to carry on working at the Coventry Telegraph as a photographer. I’m gaining some great experience working there and its a brilliant working environment. It is also a great opportunity to get my foot in the door as far as getting a ‘proper’ job goes. When I graduate in June 2012 I do not want to be leaving university and taking a job ‘just to get by’. That is not even an option. I need a job that involves me creating images and working within a photographic field. That’s what I do. Make pictures.

Working on my own personal projects is something that I will also concentrating on. The biggest being in the Ukraine which I will write about in more depth on a separate post.

I also intend to still try and get more experience assisting photographers, so any pros reading this and needing an assistant please get in touch. I may want feeding (and a couple of beers) but that’s all!


Written by Dean O'Brien

June 15, 2011 at 7:38 pm

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