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One Hundred & Forty Characters by Chris Floyd

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Twitter has been a revolution to me like many others.  It seemed to solve everything that was wrong with facebook.  No longer did we have to put up with requests to feed imaginary animals on cyber farms or play games.  No, twitter was social media at it’s best.  Enabling us to select who and what we connected with.  Some may say they are status updates, but of a more serious nature.

Photographer Chris Floyd came to the realisation that many of the people who he was following (or being followed by) on twitter, he had never even met.  Then came the fabulous idea to create a photography portrait project.  To take portraits of  those people.  140 people later and it was complete.  I contacted Chris when he tweeted the project idea (well how else would he spread the word?) and managed to become one of those people..

A suitable date was agreed and I along with many others arrived at his studio for our 10 minutes of fame.  I say ’10 minutes’ but in all honesty it’s a lot longer.  Longer because it’s ‘out there’.  On that there ‘t’interweb’.  In ‘cyber -world’.

To celebrate the end of the project Chris has commissioned a limited print run of 500 posters designed by Wayne Ford   To purchase a poster or to look further into this fantastic project  click HERE

In the meantime, click on the video below, sit back and prepare to be educated.


Written by Dean O'Brien

July 1, 2011 at 3:00 pm

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