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351mc: Phonar Task 1 with Jon Levy at Host Gallery, London

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As part of Phonar Task 1 I travelled to Host Gallery in London to meet Jon Levy (Publisher of Foto8 magazine).  Jon  had agreed to review a portfolio of 10 images which I had selected.  My choice was of a range of images from photographers who had been working on projects in Russia or Ukraine.  I chose these as they seemed to be the most influential and inspiring to my current project.  Jon looked at the images and pointed out which ‘worked’ best and explained why.

I also took this opportunity to show Jon some of my own images shot from my project in Ukraine.  This was a great opportunity to get feedback on which images were strongest.  My project is in its infancy and I need all the advice that I can get, especially from those who get to see so many projects in various stages of their development.

Jon took questions from those in attendance and managed to answer in a very honest, un-biased way.  He stated that ‘some of the best stories unfold as they go along’, adding that ‘there should be some integrity and believability of the author creating the project’.

As the afternoon drew to a close I headed back to Coventry a lot wiser and ready to put what advice I had received into practice.  I graduate next year from university and one of the things which I feel that I will miss most is opportunities such as this.  Meeting professionals who are prepared to sit, talk, listen and then guide.  To take the time talking to us as individuals and tailor their advice to our specific needs.  Top stuff.

The days proceedings were being recorded and will be available from the Phonar site shortly.  Thanks to Jon Levy,  Jonathan Worth and Matt Johnston for making it happen with Phonar


Written by Dean O'Brien

October 12, 2011 at 9:11 pm

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