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351mc: Phonar Task 1

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As part of my  Phonar Creative Workshop: Task 1 I was asked to garner a portfolio of 8 to 10 images of photographers whose work inspires me.

As my own project is based in Ukraine I was always drawn to the work of photographers such as Simon RobertsPeter Dench Donald WeberJeremy Nicholl and Dana Popa.  More recently I discovered the work of English photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind whose work I found to be the most inspiring to my practice.  Her recent projects, which were on display at Perpignan earlier this year included a project based around Russian Cossack women.

Although some of the images below are very different, they fit together to form a narrative.  And in turn, they tell the story.  When I look at the images, I get a true feeling of the persons environment and who they are.

This naturally has made me look at my own project in a different but more positive way.  I need to look beyond the person in the picture….

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Written by Dean O'Brien

October 13, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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