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351mc Phonar: ‘What is Transmedia storytelling?’

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Photography is changing: FACT.  The way in which we display, distribute or simply, print (if, at all) our images is changing at a fantastic rate.  Nobody can stand in the way of progress and digital photography brought with it a massive change to the industry.

Although I may well have been using Transmedia to present my work, I was not totally aware of what it was.  But then again, how many of us are?  Basically Transmedia follows a non linear narrative.  Trans-media aka ‘Multiplatform Storytelling’ is a method of telling stories across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.

When I go out and create images now, the way in which I decide to show them is no longer limited to an image in a frame on a wall.  As a photographer one might expect that when I take to the streets I only take a camera to make images.  This is no longer the case.  I also carry a sound recorder to compliment the camera which can also record in full HD video.  I no longer see my subject as a still or static piece trapped within paper or pixels.  By adding sound or motion, one can bring the subject to life, hence creating a whole new experience for the viewer.  If presented onto an internet forum I can then get people to add to it.   To take my work in a different direction if necessary.  From my original body of work other things can emerge.

I understand many photographers felt that when digital came along it changed everything.  Jobs went and photography seemed to devaluate.  Combined with the internet, now everyone could create an image  and distribute it.  However, all we can do is adjust to the new methods.  In fact, I want to change that last statement about adjusting to the new methods.  I think we should embrace them with open arms.

In ‘The Medium is the Massage’ Marshall McLuhan states ‘Our time is a time for crossing barriers, for erasing old categories – for probing around.  When two seemingly disparate elements are imaginatively poised, put in apposition in new and unique ways, startling discoveries often result.’


Written by Dean O'Brien

October 25, 2011 at 11:03 pm

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