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351mc Phonar: Creative Workshop 3: Unphotographable Phiction (sic) Task

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For this task I opted to create ‘Box of Brown Leaves’ from Michael David Murphy’s ‘Unphotographable’.  Using my own images and sound I created a multimedia narrative.

The story goes…. This is a picture I did not take of a cardboard box sitting on the sidewalk in front of the Post Office, like a package that someone was so excited to receive they couldn’t wait to open it, and they walked out of the Post Office and peeled back the lid to find it was filled with nothing but brown leaves, and in sadness or bewilderment, just left it there on the sidewalk, abandoned.

It is still early days yet and a totally new experience to me making photo films, but this task was a great learning curve.  I still seem to be limited by my own creative mind and need to sit and think more.  The previous weeks tutorial with Mike Lusmore was something I found myself referring back to many times whilst putting this together. Working with the sound first, and then the images did make things easier to place and hence created a smoother flow within the final piece.

The whole ‘eyes and ears’ thing which we did for task Creative Task 2: Alienated Senses really came into play.  Whilst recording I was more aware of sounds around me which previously would have been ignored.  I know that I can only improve from this piece and look forward to posting more videos from current projects which I am working on.


Written by Dean O'Brien

October 31, 2011 at 5:43 pm

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