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Project Ukraine: latest update

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Well as you may be aware I am back from my latest trip to Kiev in Ukraine.  The project seems to be developing a following so I plan to keep everyone updated with developments on a more regular basis.

I seem to be adjusting more to the ‘Ukraine’ way of doing things.  Trying to speak Russian whenever possible and keeping up to date with current affairs in the country has helped people to relax more in my company.  This is still a massive trust building exercise make no mistake.  I have now decided to concentrate my project on four main subjects for the meantime.  This will enable me to give them the quality time that they deserve and also enable me to provide background information which I feel is essential to their stories.

Whilst on this trip I managed to complete three audio interviews with three very different subjects.  These will all help to give an insight into the marriage industry in Ukraine.  Over the next few months I will be making the sound combined with images into photo films.  Then obviously, over a longer period I would like to see the project presented in exhibition and book form.

So what next?   I am going to look into crowd funding, as this project is starting to cost me financially.  I am hoping to go for a month in 2012 but this will be down to finances.

As this will form part of my final major project for my degree at Coventry University I am now totally focussed on completing this to a professional standard.  Feedback from lecturers there has been encouraging so I plan to work closely with them whilst I still have their professional support.  I graduate in June 2012, so from there I’m on my own….


Written by Dean O'Brien

November 20, 2011 at 3:19 pm

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