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The Photo Book Club meeting at Coventry University

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Today I attended the first meeting of the Photo Book Club at Coventry University.   The Photo Book Club is run by Wayne Ford and Matt Johnston.  Matt I know from here at the university and Wayne I know through Twitter.  Both it would be fair to say love photo books with a passion.

Over the past few months, like ships that pass in the night, I have managed to have brief conversations with Matt about photography books.  He suggested that for those of us who were interested, then maybe we should meet up to explore this further.

So today we had our first meeting with students from the university.  Each student brought in a book to share and discuss with the group.  The meeting opened up many questions about photo books and how we view them.  We also discussed content and the photographers influences.

Whilst in New York earlier this year, Matt introduced me to the work of Edward Hopper and we discussed the painters influences on modern day photographers.  This led onto us discussing the work of Erwin Olaf and the meanings behind his images.

Books discussed included:

Kristen by Miles Aldridge

A Criminal Investigation by Watabe Yukichi

I Believe in 88 by Pieter Wisse

Front by Trish Morrissey

Border Film Project by Adler, Criado & Huneycutt

Drosscape by Lars Lerup

Sentimental Diary by Araki

The Pond by John Gossage

Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out by Edmund Clark

Midwest Photographs by Tom Cops

East of a New Eden by Alban Kakulya and Yann Mingard

I’m already looking forward to next weeks group meeting where I shall introduce the rest of the group to ‘Exquisite Pain’ by Sophie Calle.


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November 21, 2011 at 8:01 pm

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