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351mc Photography and Narrative: Final Task ‘Katya’s story’ – Revised version

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After receiving feedback from my first version of ‘Katya’s Story’ I decided to take on board the feedback which I received and make some changes.  Although mostly positive, it was pointed out that there were some things that need changing.

I had used too many images and of various different sizes.  I should have remained with the 6×6 medium format images which were much stronger.  Weak images were removed and replaced with much stronger, less obvious.

I also needed to slow down the images to allow some space to breathe.  Less images meant that I could lengthen the viewing time for each image, to allow the viewer to read the images more closely.

I had been too literal with the images matching the audio.  A little too over the top I might add.  This was easily resolved by removing the images.

I had used a few images from newspaper and magazine articles to emphasise poverty and the economy.  It was pointed out that this is a cheap way of showing what you are trying to say.  I should have took the time to find the images that talk about these issues.  I found suitable images and made the changes.

Regarding sound, the recording was made in a very large empty room, which may sound ideal at first, but this created a hollow sound.  Although, it was noted that the subjects voice came across very clear.

Below is the revised version which now comes across as a much stronger film.


Written by Dean O'Brien

December 2, 2011 at 1:15 am

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  1. Hi Dean I feel that is an improvement on the first mix. The audio is better apart from a little bit at the beginning that sounds like is has been spliced weirdly. The story is now easier to follow and understand.

    I still feel the images need working on and although they are all in the same format, the static changing and tempo in my eyes don’t hit the mark. To many images of buildings and I would like to have seen more of Katya’s world in relationship to her narrative.

    Hope that helps mate 🙂 Still an excellent piece of work and it is great that you are prepared to take risk in your work, location and subject.


    rick medlock

    December 2, 2011 at 7:49 am

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