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352mc Professional Photographic Practice: Donald Weber ‘Interrogations’

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It is no secret that Motherland was the first book I read that made me want to travel to Eastern Europe.  The journey that Simon Roberts made showed me a world that was so different to what I was familiar with.  I have since gone in search of other artists and photographers whom have made similar journeys and created similar bodies or work.  One of them was Donald Weber of VII Photo.

I managed to meet Donald at Perpignan last year and discuss his latest book which then, was still in it’s development stages.  This was also an opportunity to discuss my own project in Ukraine and show Donald where I was at with it.

I purchased Donald’s first book two years ago but it was his latest book Interrogations that had me most intrigued.  The book documents Donald sitting in on Police interviews in Ukraine whilst they interrogate suspects for all manner of crimes.  Thieves, prostitutes and drug dealers.  Yes, they are all here.  The images are not ‘all’ distressing as such.  They are a true mix of emotions.  Ranging from deep reflection to all out panic.  The book is in three sections.  First section is the Prologue, which gives an introduction to the people and their environment.  This contains images of various shapes and sizes.  The second section is a collection of  landscape full bleed images showing subjects being interrogated.  The third and final section is the Epilogue written by Larry Frolick and Donald.  This naturally brings the book to a final conclusion.

As  for the actual ‘physical’ book itself, it feels special.  Really special.  The cover of the book is a thick, pink coloured textured card which is virtually identical to that which adorns the Police interrogation room, which appears in so many of the images.  The text by Larry Frolick helps to look at the deeper  narrative.  All this comes in a cardboard slip cover.  Yes, it certainly feels very unique.  You can grab a copy from Amazon or one of the special editions which are available direct from Donald Here


Written by Dean O'Brien

January 15, 2012 at 1:27 am

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