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352mc Professional Photographic Practice: Mentor……Harry Hardie

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I’m entering the final stages of my final year at Coventry University.  The time seems to have flown but I’m on the final straight.  To see me and the other third years through the final stages, we are having individual mentors from various photographic backgrounds.

My mentor is none other than Harry Hardie of HERE.  I already knew Harry from seminars which I had attended at Host Gallery over the past few years so I was more than pleased that he was selected by lecturers here to mentor me.

After having a half hour ‘one on one’ tutorial with Harry about my current project, I took the opportunity to show Harry my recent book edit, which is nearing completion.  Feedback was positive and I left the tutorial with fresh ideas in hand.  Harry suggested that I maybe need to interview and document a male subject now to give the project some balance.  I’m back in Kiev in March to carry on documenting marriage agencies and their clients so this new idea  will be put into action.

From now, I will be corresponding direct with Harry so he can monitor my progress and give guidance where it is needed.  These are exciting times, and something which I am embracing.  It will help to form a bridge between leaving university and entering the professional world of photography.


Written by Dean O'Brien

January 20, 2012 at 12:52 pm

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