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350MC Working with Photography in Context: Symposium preparation & tutorial feedback

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Just before Christmas I had a meeting with Elly Clarke regarding my forthcoming Symposium and to discuss any changes that were required.  The notes listed below were things for me to consider when putting my Symposium presentation together.

1)  Select around six images as a flow and remember to explain which are mine.

2)  Leave slides up and talk about why you took the images

3)  Talk about what drew me to the image, why I was interested in it and maybe even compare it to adverts from here in the UK.

4)  Be aware that adverts are culturally specific as it is about placing the product.

5)  Consider looking at 19th century Socialist paintings.

6)  Include the Simon Roberts image in the slideshow which we had discussed in a previous lesson.

7)  Rehearse talking about my work, in front of people or even in the mirror to build confidence.

I have managed to take this information on board  and it has proved invaluable to creating my images and notes for my Symposium.  I feel that it is almost there now although a bit of fine tuning is still required.


Written by Dean O'Brien

January 22, 2012 at 7:10 pm

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