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350MC Working with Photography in Context: Symposium Poster…first impressions

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The symposium promotion is vital if we are to have  a good attendance.  This is where things such as posters come into play.  The poster has now been designed, using last years symposium poster as a template.  This now needs to be distributed to as many places as possible.  A list of places to send or place the poster is being drawn up by each member, and will be sorted on Thursday.  The majority of us will print off copies of the poster at university by using our printing credits.  there are two reasons for this.  The first being that the print quality is far superior to any ‘home printer’ and secondly to keep costs down.

I intend to go to City College in Coventry where I was taught photography and invite my lecturers to attend.  I’m also going invite many professional photographers whom I have had contact with over the past few years.  Many will not be able to come I understand, but I hope that the invite will travel far and wide amongst those in the industry.  At present we are assembling  a list between us (within the group) as to who best to contact and invite.

There are a couple of spelling errors on the poster below, but this is just an initial version and is only to be expected.



Written by Dean O'Brien

January 25, 2012 at 6:16 pm

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