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352mc Professional Photographic Practice: Artist statement and image

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As part of this module I needed to create an artist statement and select an image to promote the degree show.  This was not an easy task and something that took careful consideration.  I researched many artists statements from websites to get a better idea of what things artists included about themselves.

The aim was to keep it short and basic, yet include enough information so as to let people know who I am.  I also included an image for submission which I suppose, best represented my project.  These were then handed over today to Paul Smith so that they can be used by the university to promote the forthcoming degree show.

Artist Statement


Dean O’Brien is a freelance photographer based in Coventry, UK.  His work focusses on social documentary and editorial work within the UK and Eastern Europe.  

Social change is something which has always been of interest to Dean and he takes a considered approach in documenting his subjects and their surroundings.

He is currently working on a project in Ukraine ‘Destination Unknown’ which documents marriage agencies and their clients.  It aims to look at the agencies and why people are joining them. 

Dean has interned for British photographer Peter Dench and is currently freelancing for  newspaper the Coventry Telegraph.  

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Written by Dean O'Brien

January 25, 2012 at 4:40 pm

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