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352MC Professional Photographic Practice: Research

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Research is never ending.  Fact.  My project in Ukraine has had me searching for how best to tell the story of my subjects.  More importantly, to document truth and reality.  To give my subjects the respect they deserve, regardless of their opinion.   This in turn I hope will start to build me an honest reputation within the industry.  A big challenge I know, but this project could be a great starting point.

I have been in close contact with my mentor Harry Hardie, who recommended that I look at the work of George Georgiou.  The work is inspiring and made me think more about what my images are saying.  Although I don’t want to literally spoon feed the information to the viewer, I understand that the images have to make sense.  The image below is only one of a series located Here.

When we look at images such as the one below we naturally look at posture, facial expression and other forms of body language.  They help to tell story of what is going on, or what ‘we think’ is going on.  I know that mine need to do the same, so that they can help to form a narrative that makes sense.  My research into this area continues….


Written by Dean O'Brien

January 26, 2012 at 7:22 pm

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