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354MC Professional Practice Portfolio: Degree show publication

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As this was the first proper publication that many of us were going to produce, there were naturally going to be complications.  One thing that had puzzled me was how exactly do we get our images and text into a physically printed piece?  Does the printer take our images and produce it?  The answer to that is no.  We are expected to produce this ourselves using software such as Adobe InDesign.  Not something me or the other students are familiar with.  I decided to contact Rick Medlock (who is a former photography student at Coventry University) to see if he could help out.  Rick has produced around 7 publications and all to a very high standard.  As he is also a photographer, this could only help in making sure that the publication was produced correctly, and with more passion.

After having a vote, the majority of the group were in favour of paying Rick to handle the design of the publication.  He will also deal directly with the printer leaving us to concentrate on the degree show and our other modules.  Rick has already started the design template as the image below shows.  Yes, at last things are starting to take shape.


Written by Dean O'Brien

January 26, 2012 at 8:04 pm

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