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352mc Professional Photographic Practice: Tom Hunter talk

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Tom Hunter gave us the pleasure of his company today, and managed to give us a great insight into his work.  To say that he had led a rather colourful life would be an understatement.  From squatting to new age travellers and free parties, Tom had experienced it all.  Something which I believe has made him the person that he is.

His creativity and passion come from his own urban surroundings.  Real people living on the edge of society.  By his own admission he draws much of his inspiration from paintings.  Renaissance paintings have inspired many of  Tom’s images which take a modern look at some real classics.  My favourite being ‘Woman Reading a Possession Order’.  Arguably Tom’s most famous image.  Yes, it is very easy to see the painterly feel and influence.  Other images shot within a similar style do give a sense of deja vu.

After the talk Tom took the time to sit around the table for a more intimate conversation about his practice.  Questions were asked about Tom’s work and how best we, as students can enter the professional world of photography.  He emphasised the importance of entering competitions and producing quality work.  Something which I am already working on.


Written by Dean O'Brien

February 8, 2012 at 10:12 pm

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