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352mc Professional Photographic Practice: Editing and resizing images prior to ordering prints

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Ordering images to be printed can be a straightforward affair for some.  I however seem to have opted for a not so simple affair.  This is due to the medium which I have decided to shoot my images on.  I am shooting the images for my final major project in 6×6 medium format film.  This, needless to say requires the developed negatives to be scanned and then any alterations such as white balance, cropping etc.. to be corrected within a program such a Lightroom or Photoshop.

When ordering prints I have to be aware that they will not be printed on ‘square’ paper.  I want my images to be 11″ x 11″ so the paper which they will be printed on will be an industry standard 16″x12″.  So in order to order the prints, the 11cm square image needs to be added to a 16″x12″ template which is created in Photoshop.  This is a relatively east task and once completed it pays to check what image preferences the printing shop requires the image to be saved as.  In this case it was a jpeg, 300dpi and s-rgb colour profile.

I have already received some prints, which were ordered using this method.  Overall, I am pleased with the results.  This was a trial run though, to see how the images turned out and to make note of any mistakes or errors.


Written by Dean O'Brien

February 14, 2012 at 7:46 pm

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