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354MC Professional Practice Portfolio: Wax seal or self adhesive labels?

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It is well known that our publication needs to feel like a precious, special object.  Something to make those on the receiving end feel that this is something to treasure.  One thing that came to mind was to seal each envelope with a wax seal.  Originally this sounded like a great idea, but further investigation brought to light a few things to consider beforehand.

The procedure for melting down the wax to create the seal is not a simple task.  It is time consuming and there is a technique to it.  After spending 30 minutes on the phone speaking to a local company, the cost of 50 wax seals would have worked out at just under £100.  The company also informed me that wax seals are no longer safe to apply to envelopes as modern day Royal Mail machines catch them and cause them to break before they get to their destination.  Defeating the object then really.  This could have proven costly and only by looking into this further did the pitfalls start to appear.

I informed the group about this and suggested that maybe we look into a nice, contemporary looking self adhesive seal.  After a trawl on ebay I managed to locate a pack of 100 self adhesive gold labels used to seal invitations etc…At a grand price of £5.18 (for 100) including shipping from Korea, the group decided to go for these.


Written by Dean O'Brien

February 19, 2012 at 1:34 am

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