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352mc Professional Photographic Practice: Research into image presentation – Printspace visit

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Today I travelled down to London with other members of the third year to visit the Printspace.  The idea being that we get a deeper insight into how to present our images.  Although many of us have been making images for some time now, we are still lacking in a deeper knowledge of how to present these in a professional way.

There is however more to this than meets the eye.  Like many, I’m familiar with resizing images, selecting the dpi and choosing either tiff or jpeg files.  But when it comes to colour printer profiles and screen calibration, then I’m lost.   Fortunately Dave was on hand to explain the importance of these factors to ensure that any prints ordered through them are printed exactly as you set them up on your own screen beforehand.  He also went through the different types of paper and printing methods that were available to us.

Before leaving we were shown the procedure for using their own ‘dropbox’ method for ordering prints, which can be done in-store or online.   They even have online videos for those unsure with how to proceed with certain tasks.

In all honesty I am still undecided in exactly what type of paper I will use to print my final images.  Although I want them to be good quality, they also need to be affordable if I am stand a chance of selling any to anyone interested in owning a set.  Marketing plays a big part in this also.

I’m going to seek the advice of a few photographer’s and get their opinion on this.  It’s a real balancing act and I need to ensure that I get it right for my forthcoming degree show.


Written by Dean O'Brien

February 23, 2012 at 1:47 am

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